About Flakes Online

“Flakes” is our pet name for the Finger Lakes Community Newspapers. There are nine newspapers in the group and they are published weekly on Wednesdays. In this day and age when news is available through multiple media and available constantly, it seems like a good idea to bring you community news a bit more often than once a week. Furthermore you are invited to comment on editorial entries to this blog or on any article that you have read in anyone of the FLCN papers.

In the interest of maintaining civility we will not accept any anonymous posts. I have visited enough online forums to see that when posters can hide in anonymity they write a lot of extremely rude things. This is tiresome and not at all conducive to a reasonable discussion of an issue.

Posters are free to offer their opinions on local issues, but we would very much prefer it if you stated the source of the information upon which you are basing your assertions. Discussions are much more profitable if they are based on facts, especially if they are facts that other participants can actually look up if they so choose.


We have nine newspapers. Three staff reporters supply much of the copy, but freelancers and a large group of columnists are very important to the papers. Our central office is on East Main Street in Trumansburg, where you can find the managing editor and a part-time office manager.

The Ovid Gazette is the oldest continuously published weekly newspaper in New York state. It has readers in Ovid, Romulus and Lodi.

The Interlaken Review is now largely a reprint of the Gazette, but we occasionally give it a different front page photograph and add Interlaken-specific content. It has readers in Covert, Interlaken and parts of Ovid and Lodi.

The Trumansburg Free Press has been published since 1865. It’s readership includes residents of the village of Trumansburg, the town of Ulysses and parts of Enfield and Covert included in the Trumansburg school district.

The Groton Independent, the Lansing Ledger and the Dryden Courier were founded by Jim Bilinski, the FLCN publisher, in 1998. They serve their eponymous towns and villages.

The Newfield News was founded in 1973 by a group headed by Sam Pizzigati. Ultimately Roberta Sperling and Michael Malan developed Odyssey Publication to include the News, the Free Press, Gazette, Review and the Random Harvest Weekly in Spencer. The group was purchased by Jim Bilinski in October 1985.

The Random Harvest Weekly began as a competitor to the Spencer Needle and then became a section of the Newfield News in September 1982 and then continued as a separate paper in 1987. It serves Spencer, West Danby and Van Etten.

The Candor Chronicle was started by Jim Bilinski in 1995.

Now it’s time for them all to go online.

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  1. Great to see a community forum like this!

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