Trumansburg Schools Pass Budget and Props

By a margin of 401 to 295 (57.6 percent approving) voters in the Trumansburg Central school district passed a $22,458,139 budget for 2008-2009. This represents a 4.5 percent budget-to-budget increase over the current year and will raise the tax levy by 5.5 percent.

Voters also approved three other propositions on the ballot. Proposition two passed by 429 to 266 (61 percent approving) giving the district permission to purchase three new school busses.

Proposition three passed by 413 to 256 (61.7 percent approving) and gave the district administration permission to move funds from the vehicle and equipment reserve fund in to the general fund to purchase new computers.

By state law the library must request public funds through the school district. Voters an increase from $70,000 to $82,000 by a margin of 433 to 237 (64.6 percent approving).

Finally, three school board candidates running unopposed were duly elected. Incumbent John White was returned to office with 413 votes. Frank Rossi and Jeff Williams were given seats with 434 and 380 votes, respectively. Art Goodell is leaving the board and Mary Newhart resigned last year. Board of education trustees serve three year terms.

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