More Willing Candidates Step up for S-VE

Three people have made it known that they are willing to serve as a member of the Spencer-Van Etten School Board if they are elected on May 20. Information about the three new candidates and current incumbent, Howard Van Skiver, the only one to tender a petition, is below. All but Van Skiver are write-in candidates.

Howard Van Skiver (Erin) – Van Skiver just finished his first term as a member of the school board. He currently has a son in the middle school and a daughter in the high school. Van Skiver was formerly on the Erin town planning board and has also served as code enforcement officer for Erin and Baldwin. If reelected he would like to continue fostering the teamwork he has seen on the board during his time. He also said he would like to keep the annual increase in the levy down under five percent and would like to look into the viability of the double bus run in today’s community. Van Skiver current is a self-employed contractor and because of this has a flexible schedule to serve the board.

Lee Holman (Spencer) – Holman moved into the area in 1999 and has been an active volunteer in the elementary school, where his children currently attend, and the middle school. He has served on the citizens’ budget committee and if elected would like to build a reserve fund for the school. He also would like to create programs that push all levels of students, not just low-level learners. Holman currently works at a local hospital.

Matt Conner (Van Etten) – Conner has lived in district since 2000. He has two kids in the schools and grew up in a small rural district himself. This, he said, helps him understand the challenges of a small district. If elected he has promised to work hard and contribute at least a few days a week. He currently works in Cortland.

Donald Johnson, Jr (Halsey Valley) – Johnson was not at the most recent board meeting but has previously expressed his availability. He has two boys currently in the school district and one daughter who recently graduated. Johnson has served on the budget advisory committee as well. He recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and currently teaches ROTC classes at Binghamton University and Cornell.

There are two things to remember when you go down to the gym between noon and 9 p.m. on Tuesday to vote.

  • Name spelling and recognition are important. Please include all generation designations, such as Jr, Sr, etc. to avoid confusion. Unreadable or unrecognizable names will not be counted as votes.
  • All terms are for three years, even write-in candidates. If no votes are cast for write-in candidates, then the board will appoint members for a one-year term.

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